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Ramadhan Berbuka Puasa Event

29/08/16 10:28 AM

17th June 2016 - The chance to gather around between Speedlink and customers on this special occasion. It was the time of fun and excitment where everybody enjoy berbuka together and have a catch up session with customers. A lot of foods had been serve such as nasi berlauk, kuih-muih and a whole lot of other delicasies. The event happened at Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel. People get to enjoy the traditional Malay Kampung style cooking with side dishes to die for, not to forget the desserts.. marvelous!

It started at 6.30pm when people starts to come with an empty stomach and a big smile upon their face waiting and gather before the calling of adzan for Maghrib Prayers. Customers from Fiberail, EDotCo, Symphonet, Setia Haruman, and a whole lot of others came to this event and celebrate together. Mingling around updating on each other's companies regarding work, life and anything related. 

The event was a success where everybody get to enjoy each others company and getting to know old and new customers along the way. Customers representative from each company were all welcomed with warm smile and an open arms. It was a day of happiness and joy.